My Story

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Hey I’m Amelia!

I’m a lot like you.

I’ve suffered from anxiety my whole life.

I used to think something was wrong with me. I remember being in middle school, our most vulnerable time, having to literally stop in the middle of a presentation because my mind went blank, stepping out to cry. If I could just go back and give that little girl a huge hug, telling her everything would be okay.

I suffered from dizzy spells in graduate school and had a panic attack in the middle of class. I went to multiple doctors who just prescribed me dizziness medication or shamed me saying “are you suuure you aren’t pregnant?”

I hold tension in my upper back and neck, and when things get overwhelming, I crave release.

It wasn’t until later that I realized the dizziness, panic attacks, and tension in my body were the result of anxiety and being an empath, or highly sensitive person. The only things that made me feel grounded and connected to my body were movement, breathwork, meditation, and deep pressure in the form of bodywork. 

I’ve always been into health/wellness and actually got my bachelor’s degree in exercise science. I went a little too far down the path of obsessing over my body image and weight, counting calories and over-exercising. It wasn’t until I focused my attention to how my body feels by eating foods and taking supplements that nourish and support me, moving in a way that feels good for my body, ditching the scale, supporting my hormones by going off birth control and connecting to my moon cycle, setting boundaries, and really tuning in and feeling my emotions that I started to know the true meaning of health.

As a lot of empathic women do, I chose a profession in the healthcare field where I could help people. Occupational Therapy was appealing to me because of its functional and holistic approach to a person. OTs are trained in the physical, cognitive, and psychological aspects of a person and how they can live their life to its fullest despite any setbacks. I love occupational therapy, but I quickly got burnt out in the world of American healthcare. I spent my first years working with older adults in a nursing home (where I only lasted 6 months) and in home healthcare.

In my experience working with individuals in healthcare, I have been extremely frustrated with the medical model that the western world is consumed by. I have seen countless cases of people on 10+ medications for a host of diseases that are 100% preventable and reversible through lifestyle management. The medical model doesn’t touch the root cause of a disease, but instead focuses on covering up symptoms on the surface, which just leads to more side effects/addictions and a downward spiral. Healthcare is run by the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies, and when it comes down to it, they care about $$$ a whole lot more than the health of human beings. 

I discovered the Holistic Occupational Therapy community, and quickly became immersed in continuing education with things I believe in. I became certified in myofascial release, Reiki, and health coaching. I completed a pain management and Thai yoga therapy mentorship.  Since I drove so much doing home health, I would listen to podcasts on personal growth, health, and spirituality. And I practiced my own self-care through meditation, yoga, bodywork, and attending women’s circles on a regular basis. I started using some of these techniques on my own clients, and saw how people are starved for human touch, connection, proper nutrition, movement, and psychological wellness.

And along the way I was cooking up an idea for my own holistic health business. For women like me to connect to their femininity, to their bodies, relieve stress, and feel rooted and peaceful and so that they are better able to find their own “dharma” or life path. To feel like they are can thrive in the world, rather than simply survive. It took a while to gather the strength and courage to start my own thing because of my anxiety and feelings of not being enough, but here it is, my passion project, Sirena Holistic Health Services!

Here are my credentials:

Amelia Ball, OTR, CHC

·      National Board Certified Occupational Therapist since February, 2016

·      Licensed Occupational Therapist in the state of Texas

-Licence #117410

·      Masters of Occupational Therapy from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

·      Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from NMSU

·      Certified Health Coach from National Society of Health Coaches

·      Certified in Myofascial Release I John F. Barnes technique

·      Usui Reiki II Certified through Carrie Laymon of Pathfinder Reiki

·      Pain Management Massage Mentorship completed with Julia Traylor of Rising Spiral Massage in Austin, TX

·      Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique

·      Years of Self-Study in the following:




-Functional Nutrition



-Women’s moon cycles

-Fertility Awareness Method

-Perinatal care